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The citizen engagement platform is an extension of the Project Monitoring and Evaluation effort of the Eyes and Ears unit.  It is a local and home grown solution to track the status, quality and results delivery of all projects and programmes funded under our budgeting framework  through democratizing access to information given the obvious limitations of sending our M&E field officers to collect real time data on over 6,000 projects and the increasing demand from Government to assess the performance of a number of its new programmes.

The Citizen Engagement Platform provides a clear understanding of Citizen’s perception on project and programmes implementation so as to determine the extent to which budgetary investments in Kaduna aligns with the priority needs of our communities. The Citizen Engagement Platform allows us to answer a number of question especially:

 “Are we targeting areas of right priority needs in communities like provisioning of healthcare, schools, water and sanitation etc. and are these the immediate needs of the communities?”

CItifeed is our Government to Citizens (G2C) platform that provides citizens with information to report on progress of our project and programmes. The platform provides access through 3 approach:

1. Citizen Engagement Website

The Citizen Engagement Website provides citizen and government with feedback from all the 3 platforms of all projects and programmes reported by citizens and the expenditure profile of budgetary investments in the state to advance the Open Government Partnership (OGP) model.


>>  Access Citizen Engagement Website



1. Citizen Feedback App

The citizen feedback app is a social innovation app deployed on smart phones on the Android and App Store that provides citizens with all projects and programmes with 2KM radius of their location. The CFA guides citizens to the locations of the projects and allow them to submit performance information to our central citizens’ web dashboard.

>> Download Android PlayStore |  Download Apple App Store




1. Contact Center/SMS Toll Free

Our dedicated call center when completed is expected to collect performance information through a dedicated call service line handled by 4 call center agents which feed into our engagement website.

The SMS Toll Free provides an opportunity for citizens to communicate performance information through the SMS platform. The SMS information allows the citizens to inform the situation report/


>>  Call Center: 0708 069 9500

The Eyes and Ears Project is an indepedent unit of the Department of M&E that performs evidence based assessments on the projects and programmes of Government and alignment to the SDPs

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