Introducing theEyes and Ears Project

The Eyes and Ears Project is an independent unit under the Department of M&E in the Planning and Budget Commission (PaBC) responsible for providing independent assessment on Government's implementation of its project, programmes and policies from a results delivery perspective (outputs and outcomes results delivery).

The Eyes and Ears Project is a local, home grown solution and one of the strategic performance assessment tools used by the Planning and Budget Commission (PaBC) to track performance information on various projects and programmes in Kaduna State and progress towards achieving various performance indicators as provided in the the State Development Plan (SDP).

The E&E Project is designed to align the activities under the budgetary framework and KADIMP to the State Development Plan (SDP). It collates data and generates actionable information on project & programme implementation especially as it relates to the level of implementation, knowledge management and institutional learning on what works and what doesn’t and how to make Government programmes sustainable.

In addition to the accountability demands and commitment to highlighting results, the E&E ensures:

(1) Policy makers are informed on the actual or likely performance trends of budgetary investments within the Multi-Year Zero Based Budgeting Framework of the State,
(2) Planning and Budget Commission provides knowledge management and feedback to MDAs on progress of their implementation as a learning mechanism rather than a punitive one
(3) Have a Single Global view of project & programme implementation as it relates to the goals and results highlighted in the SDP with emphasis on completion, quality and results achieved within the overall visioning framework
(4) Align baseline data from KDBS with actionable output data from the M&E Department to help in decision making and planning outcomes.

Components of the Eyes and Ears Project

The Eyes and Ears Has 3 distinct component namely

  • Monitoring Framework
  • Evaluation Framework
  • Citizen Engagement Framework

The Eyes and Ears Project is an indepedent unit of the Department of M&E that performs evidence based assessments on the projects and programmes of Government and alignment to the SDPs

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0708 069 9500